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This site shows a small part of the amazing variety of aquatic life that's found along the the shores of Sydney Harbour and Sydney's Northern Beaches, Australia. Everything you'll see on this site was collected locally, then filmed while floating in my fish tank (they, not I). I hope you'll find these temperate climate dwellers as fascinating as their cousins from the tropics.

The turtles were right, there is an East Australian Current that surges down the coast carrying creatures with it from the Great Barrier Reef into Sydney during the summer months. I've encountered dozens in the rock pools and managed to catch several. However I must warn you of two ringers in the tank. My friends couldn't resist and purchased two brightly coloured Reef fish from the pet shop which they gave to me on my birthday. I was going to eat them in order to maintain the authenticity of the tank, not to mention my reputation as a great hunter who personally captures all that he displays. However my three children intervened, and luckily some would say it was prior to the whetting and wetting of the hocho. I'll leave it to you to identify them (the Reef fish, there are no people or knives on this site).

I was going to say that this aquarium is a direct descendant of Justin's Marine Aquarium, the shrine of which you can navigate to from the Links area. But strictly speaking it is Jus's aquarium as he gave the JMA tank to me 5 years ago. I now feel bound to call it Max's Marine Aquarium, even if he does want it back. Our first aquarium, which we shared with our brother Daniel, was a small goldfish tank filled with buckets of ocean water. This worked however we had to return the fish to the harbour every few days. Max's Marine Aquarium has been operating successfully without this handicap for several years. If you would like some tips on what to do next after sprinkling the table salt into the tap water, there is an equipment list in the Text area.

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